"Economical Solutions. Local Expertise. Sustainable choices."

Design: Design is our core business and the basis of our expertise. We bring it all to bear on helping you satisfy your goals for your next project.

A few of our key areas of experience:

  • Advanced steel solutions including composite steel construction and Buckling Restrained Brace lateral systems
  • Renovations and additions to existing and historic buildings
  • Light-wood frame construction
  • Cold-formed steel construction
  • Retrofit for seismic and wind forces

Some of our most notable projects have been the least conventional. We've helped clients investigate alternative building materials and systems such as strawbale and repurposed shipping containers.

Consultation: We provide consultation for projects of all scales. Always mindful of the client's desires and project's limitations.

For small projects lacking the budget for conventional structural construction documents, we provide input as needed by the designer or builder to improve performance, quality, and durabiltity; all while economizing on structure that is redundant or overly conservative.

For larger projects, we provide valuable feasibility and sustainability input to help you improve your project during the planning stages, and help achieve certification goals.

We have particular experience making material choices and refinements for improved durability, economy, and performance.

Research, Reports & Presentations: From existing building evaluation and assessments, to how-to building tutorials, to development of new industry standards. We write and present documents that are thorough, clear, and useful, using the latest methodologies, and based on the most current industry practices. If you have a building related project that requires research or documentation, we are your source.