Dmitry Ozeryansky, PE

M.S. Structural Engineering, UC Berkeley

PE License in TN, MS, CA

Dmitry started his career as a Navy nuclear propulsion officer on the USS Enterprise, but a love of architecture brought him to UC Berkeley.  At notable Bay Area structural engineering firms including Rutherford & Chekene and Hohbach-Lewin, Dmitry developed a blend of careful analysis combined with breadth and flexibility that results from working with a wide variety of people and project types.

In 2009 Dmitry embarked on a new adventure as a founder of OZER Engineering. Working in close quarters with creative architects at Geoff Holton and Associates, Dmitry refined his creative and professional philosophy.

Since August 2010, Dmitry has been busy establishing himself in Memphis. He's been grateful for the warm welcome here and has had the pleasure of working with creative architects on a variety of projects. He has been elected to the boards of the Memphis USGBC chapter and the West TN Structural Engineers Association. With so much to accomplish, and such enthusiastic support from new friends and colleagues, Dmitry is off to a bright start in his new home.


Jason Morgan, E.I.T.

B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Memphis

Jason is an innovative thinker who loves to solve problems with creative solutions. He has always found it awe-inspiring the way in which human civilization, since the dawn of time, has altered their environment to enrich their lives and create communities. The privilege of being a part of that process is what drives him today.

Jason graduated from the University of Memphis in 2011.  After graduation he worked as an engineer in the steel industry for 4 years but eventually decided to return to his passion for the civil side of engineering. Fortunately, he met Dmitry, who has been an invaluable mentor to Jason as he works towards his P.E. licensure. Jason begins classes in the Fall of 2016 for his Masters in Structural Engineering.