60 S Front Street

Renovation & roof deck addition

Client: Architecture Inc

Memphis Slim Collaboratory

New construction with salvaged materials

brg3s architects

Memphis School of Excellence

Seismic upgrade to 1980's tiltup wharehouse conversion to charter school.

TDM Construction

Fox Theater and School of Arts, Oakland, CA

Seismic upgrade and addition to historic 1930's theater and office building.

African-American Museum, Oakland, CA

Seismic upgrade and addition to historic early 20th century bearing wall brick building.

MWA Architects

"innovative & economical solutions growing from a collaborative approach"

OZER Structural Engineering is a design and consulting firm based in Memphis, Tennessee. We provide complete structural engineering services from conceptual design through construction document preparation and construction administration.  With extensive experience in a wide variety of building types, materials, and systems, we have the knowledge and resources to make your next project great. Whether it's a new design, a feasibility study, or assessment of an existing structure, OZER Structural Engineering will bring value and capacity to your team.

We try to balance the many priorities of building design:

1. Realizing the architect's or owner's vision.

2. Creating a safe, durable structure, and meeting the structural performance criteria.
3. Honoring the project constraints such as cost and schedule.

We like collaboration and work closely with the team throughout.

We start by defining the project goals and limitations up front, then investigate multiple concepts in order to arrive at the most efficient, practical solutions that minimize cost.

The end product is a thorough design that minimizes changes or problems later in construction.